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Why Gaming?

I think that those who are willing to have great experience in life while sitting and having an adrenaline rush is only possible because of Gaming. I Love playing game whether it is in PC or in any console.

It’s for Gamers

What can you do?

This blogs will generally covers the current news in gaming field but if someone wants to read an article about a particular topic DON’T HESITATE , just contact me and write the topic to me. THAT’s ALL YOU CAN DO.


Hideo Kojima: The man who revived ‘Stealth’ Gaming

WHO IS HIDEO KOJIMA? HIDEO kOJIMA is a Japanese video game designer, director, producer and writer. He was born on 24 August of 1963 in Tokyo, Japan. Since childhood he has a great passion towards action/adventure cinema and video games. He was hired by Konami Holding Corporations in 1986 which is a Japanese entertainment company.Continue reading “Hideo Kojima: The man who revived ‘Stealth’ Gaming”

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